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”Detektivbyrån - Live in Stockholm”


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Autumn Tour 2009

We have booked 18 new live shows, from Trondheim to Madrid. Come see us play live!

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DVD Preview episode #1

The first Preview episode from the

”Detektivbyrån - Live in Stockholm”


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Amazing art made by listeners

Some listeners send us the most amazing art. We are stunned and honoured, send more!

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We are very happy that you are here so please make yourself at home, read the news below, listen to all our released music or take a visit in our shop.

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Announcement August 10:th 2010

Dear Friends of Detektivbyrån,

Today we are announcing that we will not make any more music together

as Detektivbyrån. And that we will not give any more live shows. To be precise, Detektivbyrån won´t release any more records or give any more live shows.

You, our listeners, have given our music wings of it´s own and through

you it will live forever.

I, Martin, wont stop making music, i will continue making new music

and i am looking forward to meet you all again in new ways in the future.

Thank you so much and take care.

Martin Molin, Detektivbyrån

Announcement September 29:th 2012

Dear Friends of Detektivbyrån,

I, Martin is now in the final stages of producing a new album with my new band Vintergatan. First song will be released autumn/winter 2012 and the full album will be released winter/spring 2013.

More info will be found on www.vintergatan.net

Looking so much forward to release new music for you all!

Take care and all the best from sweden and me! / Martin

Introducing my new band - Wintergatan

Dear Friends of Detektivbyrån,

Let me introduce my new band - Wintergatan. We just released a double single - two songs with two videos you can watch here below. Full album out in May 2013. You are so welcome to www.wintergatan.net for more on this.

Take care and all the best from sweden and us! / Martin & Wintergatan